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Lead Generation - Building Your List

By: Kelly Smith

Your first question in building a successful business should be how do I find people who want to be part of my team or consume my products or service? You need to build a list or generate your own leads.

Typical Network Marketing

The stereotypical network marketing training programs usually suggests starting with a warm market by making a list of your family and friends. They also teach the 3-foot-rule method of talking to everyone who has the misfortune of walking in your path or standing in the same line at the bank. Who wants to do that?

Another problem is you will eventually exhaust your warm market. Now if you want to share your products go for it, but if your friends and family haven't asked for an opportunity pitch why are you giving them one? It can frustrate you into giving up and quitting before you start.

Generating Pre-qualified Leads

Focus on a target audience who are looking for the type of products you are selling or a moneymaking opportunity you are offering. There are email lists or direct marketing list rentals out there to purchase your targeted audience. Fortunately, the Internet has made it easier and less expensive to find target markets through lead systems and tools to develop the relationship.

Other ways to build a list:
- Content
- Purchased Leads
- Website
- Safelists
- FFA Lists
- Lead Generation Systems

PPC - -

We are talking about pay-per-click advertising. Google Adwords and Yahoo/Overture ppc are among the best and the fastest to get you moving in no time.

Content - -

This is a subject that could take up a whole course. Content is good, better than good. It can get your website moving as well as generate leads. One example is a press release. These work well and really get your name and website out there.

Leads - -

If you can make a deal with a leads distributor, go for it. Did you know that many lead companies would actually give you free leads to try them out?

Just a warning about leads. Before you email any leads make sure you have a reputable resource, and you can actually call these people on the phone. There are many lead sources that tell you they have great lead prices, but they could actually get you shut down because they were illegally harvested. Be careful on this one.

Making Use of Your Website - -

Unfortunately, people still believe if they build a website, the people will flock to it and money will start pouring in. This is a myth that is still being perpetuated to people who are new on the Internet, who are unknowingly just being led to the slaughter and losing time and money.

There are many ways to make use of your website and bring people to you. Learn how to optimize it with the search engines. Determine keywords people will use to look for your Website, be specific. Weave those keywords into your website copy, images, meta tags, site description and page title. You can use Wordtracker for testing out keyword relevance. They have a free trial to check it out.

Also make use of:
- Blogs
- Online journals
- RSS Feeds

These things can keep people coming back and develop a relationship with you and your company. It's called stickiness.

Robert Allen said in his book, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, "Most beginning marketers spend 90 percent of their time creating the perfect product and 10 percent of their time finding a perfect audience. The secret is to reverse the ratio: Spend 90 percent of your time finding the right audience. I call this 'finding hungry fish'".

Offering knowledge, eBooks and other free goodies will also help to build a list and generate your own leads. Be creative and think outside of the box. People will come to you in no time.

Kelly and Brad Smith are the founders of BKS Marketing & Income Strategies. They are currently students and mentors of Mentors in Motion and the Master Key System. They have been in the Marketing/Networking Industry for more than 5 years and share their knowledge to help others succeed at home. For more information or to sign up for their free newsletter, "Building a Successful Business": Contact us toll Free: 1-866-804-3398 or email us at:

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