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Credit Repair... Using Letters to Company Executives as a Tool

By: Darell Mckissick

Many times you will find you are ignored by the companies you contact while repairing your credit. The truth is, most people just don't care.

After your rights have been violated by a company, and you have ironclad evidence that they have violated the law, where can the average guy turn for for help?

Corporate executives wield power of those who are able to abuse you and your credit file, while you and your credit report mean absolutely nothing to them.

Believe me, every CEO and company president have much better things to do than deal with you. Quite often your email or letter will be dispatched to a subordinate with the order to make it all disappear.

Your letter should be non threatening in nature. Instead, it should show your frustration in dealing with the matter and outlining how the law may have been broken while your rights violated. Tell him you would prefer to settle the matter internally with the company.

In other words, just tell him/her what happened and ask them to correct the matter for you since nobody else will.

So where do you find the people and their email addresses? Google is a great place to start. Just type in the company name and you will almost cetainly be able to find out anything you need to know.

Sometimes, finding an email address can be troublesome. You will need to find another persons email address at the company site to see its format. Usually it is a first name or initial, followed by a dot and the last name. You may need to try several variations to ensure it gets to the person you want to reach.

So when you have had enough of the runaround in your credit repair efforts, go to the top and ask for help. Everybody has a boss, so why not use that to your benefit.

Darell is a credit repair expert by neccessity and went from terrible and accurate credit to a mortgage in less than a year. Now he is trying to help others do the same. Visit his free website at

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