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Are you using Postcards to Generate Leads?

By: Marty Fiegl

If you have been marketing online for more then 3 years you know how PPC advertising used to be throw up as many keywords as you can and link it to your site and watch as your ROI (Return On Investment) comes back three fold or more with no optimization.

Not that long ago we used to not only get dirt cheap CPC (Cost per click) in our PPC accounts but we were also using Pop-ups which barely anyone was blocking.

But things change. Now your PPC campaign costs more and converts less. Not only due to competition but also because of the consumer getting smarter and becoming visually desensitized to these ads.

So what should you do?

Expand your media buying.

A very simple, effective and relatively quick way to do this is to use Postcards.

I started using Postcard Marketing about 2 years ago when I noticed the drop in PPC and Search engine ranks and returns.

But I was very pleased with the ROI and the quality of the customers (they bought more stuff) was MUCH higher.

You see the nice thing about offline advertising like Direct Mail is the fact that the List is very important and the best part is you can get a list of BUYERS. Sort of like getting a JV going with someone online (though its hard to find people who sell things like ebooks and separate their buyers from leads).

Dont worry setting up a Postcard campaign is simple. In fact you can do it all online without leaving your house. Youll be able to print and mail a postcard for as little as .28 cents each!

Just go to and click the Send mailings and flyers and follow the instructions.

Marty Fiegl is an Internet Marketer & Author of many books on Internet Marketing & eBay. See for more information.

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