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What's the best background check software?

By: Stanley Alpin

There are several background check softwares available online. Most of them are available in a similar price range. However, what sets good background check software apart from the myriad others are features such as:

Ease of download and compatibility: The software should be easy to download and run instantly. Free and timely software updates should be installed automatically and the software should be compatible with the different Internet-related software and operating systems.

Online help: The vendors website should have detailed FAQ and Help sections that explain the manner in which the software is to be used; tips and tutorials are provided and customer queries are answered.

Ease of use: A good software should be easy to use, with query fields designed to return the most pertinent results for a given search.

Legal to use: The software should be completely legal for use in all manner advertised by the company. Its sources of information should be verifiable and information it dispenses should be obtained legally.

There are other factors too that distinguish a good background check software; these include a well-updated database that draws from various resources. Also, the databases accessed have to be relevant to the type of background checks provided otherwise looking up a background is likely to turn into an exercise in futility. The background check software should facilitate checking of criminal records; looking up ones own family history; locate listed as well as unlisted phone numbers; obtain information on birth, death, and social security numbers, find people by name, phone number; or email.

Good background check software should make it worthwhile for employers who invest time and money in it and prefer it over agencies that offer a similar service. This means that it should enable accurate screening of prospective employees and provide information on their credit scores, criminal and driving records.

Theres a plethora of services that properly created background check software connected to a database can offer. These would cover locating individuals based on their past residence, school of graduation, and year of military retirement. Greater to which a database can go back in time better are the chances of coming up with information on a lost acquaintance or colleague. There are softwares that also help people in doing a background check on organizations worldwide so one can have a fair idea of their business ethics, legal opinions, and lists of fugitives so that one can do a background check on anyone who arouses suspicion in the neighborhood.

Thus, the best software would be the one that provides reliable information on individuals, property and real estate, bankruptcies and lien, criminals, and any kind of information that is available in the public domain.

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