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Holographic Disaster Psychological Conditioning

By: Lance Winslow

Often first responders to large natural disasters get themselves into a place where the death and the destruction literally makes them ineffective. Their brains are over whelmed and they cannot turn them back on to do their job. This causes them to become part of the problem instead of the solution and thus they are just in the way.

Often Dogs searching for victims of major disasters like earthquakes refuse to work, as they keep searching but only find dead people and no one living, they just quit trying. After natural disasters people often have psychological trauma, which prevents them from functioning properly in normal society, interpersonal relationships and it often affects their jobs too.

Lately there has been much talk about using virtual reality technologies to help soldiers get over shell shock or emotional problems, but I would like to pitch an idea to everyone involved with helping people who have lived through these traumatic events.

I propose that we use Holographic Technologies are getting closer to becoming reality and deploy them before these first responders and soldiers enter the battlefield or disaster scene. Waiting until after without preparing humans can be problematic and takes much more work that pre-conditioning does.

Holographic Technologies are ghostly like images rather than pictures of graphic scenes a person walking thru a virtual reality or augmented reality cave with holographic images in 3D around them might get a better sense and a slower pre-conditioning to help them psychologically. One they are in the real life situation it is too late for training and it takes a lot to undo such graphic visual imagery impressions in the brain. Think on this.

Lance Winslow

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